Sunday, November 24, 2013

Citywide Blackout Interview - November 24th, 2013, 6pm

Amethyst Arsenic, New Sh!t Show Boston, and Valerie Loveland will be interviewed today, Sunday, November 24th, 6pm EST on Unregular Radio's Citywide Blackout.

This is the Unregular Radio online player for any given live broadcast that's currently happening. We'll be on at 6pm EST! If you miss the broadcast, Citywide's archives can be explored.

Samantha Milowsky of Amethyst Arsenic will be talking about the music to be featured in the upcoming Winter 2014 issue. Nathan Payne will call in from Austin, TX, and we'll play his song "High Orbit." There isn't enough time in the broadcast to cover all the music in the upcoming issue, to we're including in this post a preview of music, including Found Audio and Powerslut.

Music preview for Amethyst Arsenic Winter 2014:

Jennifer Matthews, musician featured at New Sh!t Boston - "How Long"

Zeke Russell and Samantha will talk about New Sh!t Show Boston, a new monthly series held every third Thursday at Fazenda Coffee in Jamaica Plain. Each show will feature 2 or 3 performers of poetry, music, and other cross-genre performance, as well as workshops, and an open-mic. The emphasis is on new, unperformed work. The inaugural show was amazing, and we're bringing in the first two features Jennifer Mathews for music and Emily O'Neill for poetry. They are not to be missed. New Sh!t Show Boston is organized by Zeke Russell, Emily Carroll, and Samantha Milowsky, with co-host Max Bowen of Citywide Blackout. The upcoming features for Thursday, December 19th are poetry from Sam Cha and music from Brendan Burns.

Poet Valerie Loveland will be interviewed and feature some poems. She will read her poem that appeared in Amethyst Arsenic.

We aren't sure of the order of the interviews, but it will all broadcast 6pm-7pm.

Looking forward!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Announcing the Reinhard Gade Memorial Award

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Reinhard Gade Memorial Award.  The award will be granted each year to a poet and/or artist, and the awarded amount is planned to be $50. Starting with the upcoming Winter 2014 issue,  any work published in our magazine is automatically considered for the award.

Reinhard Gade was the first artist we published in our inaugural issue. He is part of history for creating the award-winning design of El PaĆ­s when it launched in 1976, which became the leading newspaper in Spain. When he retired from graphic design, he became a full-time painter, showing his works all over the world. He was also a wonderful human-being and storyteller, being very open, responsive, and friendly to anyone who reached out to him. Because of his achievements and personal qualities, we have created this award to honor his memory and human values.

We will continue to nominate poems for other awards, such as the Best of the Net award from Sundress Publications, but now that we have created our award, we will no longer pay for those nominations too. This will also allow us to submit the maximum number of poems to them, where in the past, we have been constrained by budget to limit the number of nominations.

Monday, February 6, 2012

1st Year Demographics

From our Facebook Page, so this should be taken as a sample, versus a complete picture. We're thrilled to see people from all over our first year.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011 Award Nominees

Best of the Net nominees: 

Brandon Amico - My iPod Has Some Questions
April Penn - Questions About Orgasm
Charlie E. Rose - The Old Man in the Garden 
Christopher R. Vaughan - Game of Three, Kern Park 
Robin Linn - Reapers
Kasandra Larsen - Yorktown: Catching a Scent

Pushcart Prize nominees:

Judson Evans - After-image 
Gale Batchelder - Makgadikgadi 
Gregory Crosby - Lullaby, Once in a

Wednesday, November 23, 2011